Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #7 -- Thanksgiving


Hope you all had a great week. Know that I think about and pray for you all.

This past week has been amazing. Heavenly Father is really blessing my companions and I with people to teach. It's so cool how Heavenly Father puts us in the right place at the right time. We are really working hard and is so much fun!!!

One thing that we got to do last week was prep boxes for thanksgiving dinners for those that can't afford it. Then Saturday is when we gave the boxes away. So many of these people don't have much. It made me really think that I should be grateful for what I have and what I have
been given. I have been able to have a wonderful family and have been able to have this wonderful gospel that has given me the knowledge to know my purpose in my life and where I'm going. By knowing this for myself and learning more everyday I can share with others and help them learn of their purpose and where they are going.

I want to express my gratefulness for you all. You all have blessed my life in so many ways I can't even count. Thank you all for all you have done for me. You will be bless for your willingness to teach me and help me grow to who I am today.

I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!🍗🍗

Elder Pearson

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