Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week #57 -- Making Improvements

Hello Everybody,

Last week I didn't talk about my companion so I will right now. Elder Amiott is from Fresno, California. Just graduated from high school. We got talking about high school and I find out that he did marching band! He played percussion!!!! It awesome cause we both had a lot fun in marching band. He loves the Angles MLB team. Very funny and laughs a lot. Ya we definitely don't have a similarities. Hahaha. I love him so much. He really loves being out here and serving the Lord.

This week had some highs and lows. The best part about this week is that we were able to set a date with two investigators we have. It's two brothers ages 9 and 8. They are such sweet kids. They are always excited when we come by. It has been a real challenge to teach kids cause I'm used to teaching adults but the Lord has definitely helped us in teaching them simply. Beside them we didn't get to see anyone but we will be seeing one tonight which will be awesome. We had a solid lesson with her last Monday and she is getting very interested in the church. Sadly she wasn't at church but we can hopefully get her there next Sunday.

There is always room for improvement and this week Elder Amiott and I have made a lot of plans for this week and to really put ourselves where God wants us to be. My faith has also been tested a little bit of find those that god is preparing. Elder Amiott and I have really been trying to put ourselves in the areas that God needs us to be. It hard to hear of other missionaries having great experiences and we are still having a hard time finding people. Then on Sunday during testimony meeting was very comforting. A lot of the testimonies were talking about that this life is hard and it's so true. This life wasn't meant to be easy. If it wasn't easy then we wouldn't be able to progress. Having that reminder helped me to know that our savior Jesus Christ is there helping us every step of the way. As I put my faith in him, the blessings and miracles will come.

I challenge you all to put more faith in Christ. To allow him to mold you into something great. I can promise you that if you do that you will be able to see how his hand is in your life. You can be able to see the blessings that you are receiving. You will also gain a stronger testimony in Christ so when those hard times come you will be able to push through it. I love you all and are in my prayers always.

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission
10502 Satellite Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32837

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