Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week # 60 -- The Christmas Count down Begins!!!

Hello Everybody!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to enjoy a lot of wonderful food!!!! I definitely did enjoy the wonderful food but lucky didn't gain any weight which is a good thing.

There are so many exciting things happening this week!! The two brothers are getting baptized!!!!! I have absolutely loved teaching them and they are just so sweet. Every time we come over they keep asking us if we are going to talk about Jesus. Its just tickles me to death. It will be super exciting cause Elder Amiott will be confirming Chandler. This will be his first time doing that!! It'll be such a wonderful experience for him and one thing he will never forget.

Had a really awesome talk with an investigating family. The second oldest son wants to be baptized!!! That's super exciting. He's a really awesome kid and very funny. We are hoping with him having that desire the rest of the family will want too.

One disappointing thing is that we won't have a car for the week. We had to take it into the shop to get it fixed. We took it in this morning. You know what that means?  We get to be on the bikes for the entire week!! Yay!!! Not!!! It will be good cause means we will be able to talk to more people as we bike around.

Yesterday there was a baptism. He was someone that the Sisters were teaching. After he got baptized, we were waiting for them to get dressed we sang primary songs. There is so much truth in those songs and the spirit touched me so much through those simple songs that talk about Jesus Christ. Just amazing!  I love this gospel. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. He has helped me so much in my life and is continually helping me. Make the savior a part of your life!! He will do so much more than you could ever do.

I love you all!!!

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission
10502 Satellite Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32837

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