Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #45 - Life I deserve

Hello Everyone!

Life this past week was a tough one. We had a lot of things fall through which is always depressing but still going with a happy smile. We still got to meet with the regular people we usually meet with each week which was good. Right now we are kinda having a hard time with getting some our less actives to keep the commitments that we leave them so we have focused on that. I have been able to gain more knowledge of agency which is helping me be better in helping others coming closer to Christ. There are times that I get frustrated when the people we are working with don't use there agency right but that is the wonderful thing of life and learning from our mistakes. It helps us to learn how to use our agency better.  I can see it more and more why agency is so important to our Heavenly Fathers plan and that agency helps us learn. But when you see someone use there agency to learn and come closer to there savior it is the most beautiful thing ever. To see the change it makes in people is remarkable. I am so grateful that I get to experience this and help those see that change in there life.

We are still working with a wonderful lady and it's great to see the desire that she has to have God more in her life. We get to see her this Friday so I'll update you all how that goes. We didn't get to see her last week so we are hoping to extend a baptismal commitment with her this week. We got a media referral and went by and gave her the bible she requested and talked for a little bit and she started asking us what we do as missionaries. As we were talking we mentioned the Book of Mormon and she asked about that and then she said she wanted one. We then gave her one and she wanted us to come back to talk more. That was super exciting. We hopefully will be able to see her this week. We still visited with a gentleman who just got baptized about a month ago; he is such a great guy. Every time we are there always bears his testimony to us and shares how God is answering his prayers and it just makes me so happy. Also any chance he gets to talk about the church to anyone he does it. It's awesome to see how happy this gospel can make someone.

We also had ZTM this past week which always good. It's a meeting where all the missionaries in the zone meet together and are trained by the zone leaders which helps us work on things to become better missionaries. This meeting was mostly to explain some of the changes that are going to made throughout the mission. It's pretty exciting.

Thank you all for being such a great support for me and have a blessed week! Loves!

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission

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