Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week #10 -- Baptism

Hello Everybody!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful week. Sad news!! My dad (Senior companion, Elder LeCheminant) is leaving tomorrow to go home!!😢😢😢   He has been a great trainer for me and he is awesome!! When we take him down to the mission office Elder Gubler and I will drive back to LeCanto.  We will have the area on our own for two weeks, then one of us will be transferred to a new area and someone new that has been out longer will come in.

So this last week we did a lot of finding less actives. We have a lot of less actives. President Berry has asked us to teach a lesson with 12 less actives a week. A couple obstacles we have is the area being so big and some less actives we teach have some of the doctrine
mixed up. When we explain correct doctrine it's hard for them to believe it; they have believed it for so long that it hard for them to believe in something else or they really didn't have there own conversion yet.

Great news!! We have a gator that's being baptized this week!! She had her baptismal interview last Friday. She is a super solid investigator. Her entire family are super mad at her for joining another religion. Even though her family is against it she says that she
would never turn away cause of the feelings she has had.  The best part is that her son is 10 and he loves going to church. He wants to do scouts really bad which I love.

Sadly one of our gators had to move his baptism date back cause he wasn't going to be done with smoking in time.  There's no set date for someone to be done with word of wisdom issues, but Elder LeCheminant has found that a week before the baptismal interview is a good amount of time for someone to quit. We really have done all we could. We have given him blessings and ideas to quit; at this point all we can do is encourage him. Any advise would help.

If I do get transferred from this area I'm going to miss the members. The members are so awesome! My testimony has grown a lot from hearing there testimonies and how the gospel has changed their lives.

I love you all so much and have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Pearson

Florida Orlando Mission
LeCanto Ward

Elder Pearson, Elder Gubler and Elder LeCheminant pose for their Christmas card.

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