Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week #41 - Getting peeps to teach

Hello Everyone!

Things here is Cocoa are starting to pick up which is very exciting. Haven't had a lot of investigators to teach the past 4 weeks which has been tough, but the Lord is blessing Elder Armijo and I with people to teach. Even though we don't have a lot of investigators we have been working a lot with less active members here in Cocoa.

One of the new investigators, I told you all about him last week, we did get to meet with him and his wife. It went very well and he talked a lot more than he did last time which was very good. He doesn't remember a lot from when the missionaries were teaching his wife.  I'm still unsure about if he is really wanting to learn or not but he says he does.

The other investigator we have are amazing. A wonderful family had us over for dinner last week and they had a friend over that isn't a member. We got to talk to her about the gospel and it was awesome. We got to go over again yesterday and talked to her more and it was an awesome lesson. There were things that she hasn't heard before and it was awesome to just see her light up like a kid in a candy store. She is very interested and I'm so happy to have these people to teach

Well my spiritual thought I would like to leave with all of you is about forgiveness and hope. This is something that hit me really hard yesterday at church. Both speakers did an amazing job and I could feel the spirit really strong. Both of there's connected with each other. One talks about forgiveness and the other talked about hope. The first speaker shared how she was able to learn forgiveness. She talked about how her parents got divorced and then siblings took sides. As she spoke I could tell it has brought a lot of hard ace. She then expressed how she need to forgive and forget. She then shared that if we don't forgive someone of there wrong doing toward us then we aren't allowing them to be able to receive the healing powers of the atonement.

Family relationships are one of the most important thing we will have in this life. I am so grateful to be in such a great family. I learn a lot from them and I love them so much. If we want to have solid, long lasting, and love bond relationship we must always be ready to forgive and forget.

Then next talk was about hope and since I have been on my mission I have learned about about hope and how it is connected to the gospel. We know that faith is a hope for things that are not seen, but which are true. In order to have faith we need to have hope. We must have the hope that God is going to help us when we are gong through tough trials. God has given us commandments. He has given us the things that we need to live by so we don't fall make the wrong decision. As we live by these things, we will be protected.  We will be blessed and be able to strengthen ourselves so we can help others become stronger.

He knows our weaknesses. Without the Savior we can't be forgive. We don't have hope. But since he is our Savior and has taken upon him all the pains, sins, afflictions, everything we can be forgiven and make our weakness our strengths.

"Stay away from the wippy cake table!"
- Troy Dunn

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission

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