Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week #39 - New mission president, exchanges, fireworks

Hello Everyone!

Another week already gone!  There is a lot of things that happened this week. I first want to express me gratitude for what a great country we have. I am so blessed to live in a country where we can believe in what we want to believe in. We wouldn't have this great country if it weren't for God's hand in all things. I am so grateful that I am able to be out here in Florida and teach people about what I believe in and help them gain a closer relationship with God and Jesus Christ. We got a new mission president, President Clark. Him and his wife are awesome. I only got to meet with them for and hour and I absolutely just love them. I am sad to see President and Sister Berry leave and I deeply enjoyed the time I had to be with them and will miss them.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go on exchanges with our Zone Leaders. I got to go with Elder Bigler in Viera. It was awesome to see him and teach with him. He was my district leader while I was in DeLand. He is such a great missionary and friend. We started the day off by helping a family move in the morning. That took a little longer than expected but we were still able to get things done. We saw a couple less active members. We had such a blast.

Today I had such and awesome experience. In the afternoon, we pulled up to a place where we get wifi so we could report on lessons on our iPads. As we were doing that, two guys pulled up next to us and one of them said hi and made a little joke and we started talking. Found out that they are members of the church. One of them said they are down here visiting family. One of them then mentioned that he got baptized while he was in the Apopka ward!! What?!? Then we started talking about who he knew and who I knew. It was upper awesome. We then talked about why he stopped going and we encouraged him to go. He said he would. The reason I share this experience is cause there is no way that it just so happened that they stopped by when we were there. This proves to me that the Lords hand is in his work. It so obvious to me that he works in these way so people with be more open with each other. So then we can help each other become better and look towards him. I can testify to all of you that God is real and that he knows what going on here on this earth and he cares. It might not seem like it at times, but he does. We must put our trust in him and follow him.

Happy 4th of July!!! Have a great week!!

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission

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