Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #25 - Transfers!! Going to Apopka!!

Good morning everyone!

This past six weeks I have learned a lot. I have been able to come even closer to my savior and my Heavenly Father. I have been able to recognize the prompting of the spirit more which I have been striving to do every day. I'm sad to say that I am leaving New Smyrna Beach. I'm going to miss this ward and the area and being with Elder Richards. He's just amazing. He has helped me a lot with not getting down on myself, which is hard not to do when you aren't seeing success. He's helped me to talk more to people. One thing that helped me is that we made a bet to see who would start the most conversations. So what we did is that anyone that walked past us or around us we would say hi to them or ask them how there day is going and we would see who would be the first one to say hi. It got pretty intense. However, my new area is......Apopka!! Which is in the Lessburg stake. So I'm heading sorta close to where my first area was. The cool thing about it is that my new companion is a Spanish Elder. So I probably will have the opportunity to do some Spanish work. This was the first area that my MTC companion, Elder Hales, came too. So super cool.

So my week was amazing. I think it was our best week. So staring off the week on Monday we got a call from a member saying that there is a less active member that they want us to meet. He is the sweetest, kindest, politest man you could ever meet. So we ended our p-day early so we could go meet him. The spirit was super strong when we meet with him. He's been a member for a long time and he said he doesn't want to feel empty anymore. There were a couple concerns he had but there not a problem. Tuesday we got to do some service for a member, Brother Jenkins, which was awesome. After that we got to see a handful of people. We finally got to see a less active member that we have been trying to see but every time we go by he's not home. Backstory to this is that we got a text from the bishop telling us that we should go see him that afternoon. It was awesome cause we got to meet him and he was wondering what happened to us cause we haven't been by. So cool to see that he wants us to come over. We then got to meet a media referral that we got that day. This guy is a super nice guy and he's been meeting with the missionaries for a long time while he was living in New Hampshire. He's been busy taking care of his mother which has some health problems so he needs a couple week before we could start coming over.

Wednesday we got to meet an investigator again. It seems like the times we meet with him just get better and better. When we meet with him this time we wanted to center our focus of Jesus Christ. We showed him the hallelujah video and asked him what his thoughts and feelings were. He then shared his thoughts and feeling about organized religion and he said he told us this that past couple times we have been there but I don't remember him telling us that.  At that I point I knew that we weren't listening to him and following the spirit. By the end of the lesson I could feel the spirit and could see a difference in how he felt as well. On Thursday we got to meet with another investigator and her family. We got to meet with them when we first got her but haven't been able to meet with them since. They came to church a lot and were very active but  then just stopped coming. So don't really know why but we showed the hallelujah video and talked about the Jesus Christ. We asked them this question; If you could describe Jesus Christ in one word what would it be. As we were talking about this immediately the spirit came in and I could feel it. It was awesome. Friday had weekly planing and then Saturday wasn't too great. There wasn't a lot of people that we could see. Then Sunday was awesome. We got to meet a wonderful lady. The members that called us to meet with another investigator called us again to meet her and her family. We got to eat dinner with them and talked about a lot of things. One of the family members brought out a guitar and Elder Richards started playing and we all started singing. It was awesome. Before we left she wanted us to share our testimonies with them. It was awesome.  Then this morning we got a text from the members that brought us over there thanking us cause they were very worried about bring us over cause past
missionaries have been to pushy. That is exactly was Elder Richards and I wanted to accomplish in this area. The trust of members. That is the most important thing cause if the members don't trust you and they won't send you to there friends or family.

I want you all to know that I know that Jesus Christ lives. He suffer for us cause he loves us and he wanted us to be able to return to him and our Heavenly Father. He walked a very long a lonely path so that we wouldn't walk it alone. He is always by our side wither we know it or not. Ready to catch us when we fall and wants to pick us up. I'm so grateful to be here in Florida to share this wonderful, simple, and profound gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission
10502 Satellite Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32837

Elder Richards and I

Brother Biddle and I; he is the Ward Mission Leader

Brother Dolenar and I; his family is from Arizona, super cool family!

Brother Jenkins and I

 Brother & Sister Dayton and I

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week #24 -- Orlando Temple

Good Morning Everyone!!

I had an amazing week!! I hope you all had a wonderful week too.

The beginning of the week was ok. Tuesday our appointments canceled so
we didn't get to see a lot of people. So we decided to go to some of
the many spots that people hangs around and just tried to talk to as
many people as we could. Not a lot came from it but we did get to talk
to a handful of people. Which made very happy! Wednesday was better
cause we got to see Abdul. He's a really cool guy. We didn't get to
meet with him for very long but the time we did get to was awesome. We
talked to him about the plan of salvation or plan of happiness. It
answers these questions; where do I come from? What is my purpose?
Where do I go when I die? Through the entire lesson he was asking us
questions and he was surprised that we were able to answer some of
them. He is super open to us teaching which is awesome too cause it
allows the Holy Ghost to testify of truth as we teach. Once that
happens he will what to act more on that feeling and make some changes
in his life. 

Thursday I had the wonderful time to go on exchanges
with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Putuato. It was awesome cause we
got to teach a lot of people that close to the waters of baptism and
they are just so excited to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be
clean from there sins. Them that night the ZL's spent the night cause
Friday we were heading to the temple which is in Orlando and we had to be
there at 7am so we had to leave by 6am. So they spent the night and
went there together in the morning. The temple was amazing. This is
the first time I have been able to go as a missionary. The spirit was
so strong and was exactly what I needed. It saddens me that we are
only able to go two times a year. All of you that have temple
recommends go to the temple as often as you can. It will help you with
anything that you might be struggling with.

Saturday and Sunday there was stake conference for the stake I'm in.
It was amazing as well. A lot of the talks center on families. Families is
the one thing that Satan targets the most. There was one talk that I really
like and he talked about where our priories should be. The 4 things are:
1) Being a husband, 2) Being a father, 3) Job, 4) Church calling. The lord
needs your family emotionally, spiritually, financially sound more
than he needs your service. That was from another talk that was given.
It shows how important the family is and that he wants our families
strong so that we can't fall to the things that Satan throws at us. I
want you all to know that I have a testimony of our lord and savior
Jesus Christ. That he established his church during his time on earth
and that it was restored through a prophet. He made families for a
reason. The families that we are in weren't by accident. We were sent
at a certain time and in a certain family for a reason. I love you all
and I know that Jesus Christ loves you and so does our father in
heaven. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission
10502 Satellite Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32837

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week #23 -- Doing The Work

Hey Everyone!!

To start of the week we went and did some service for an older couple
that aren't members. They are super cool but sadly they are moving so
we aren't going to be teaching them. But hopeful the missionaries
where they live will visit them. We then went and got to see a handful
of less actives. That was all on Tuesday.

Wednesday we had wonderful district meeting. Sadly all of our
appointments canceled on us and which made the day kinda rough but
later that night we had Book of Mormon study which is always awesome.
And then had choir practice for the ward.

Thursday wasn't the best either. Everyone we went to see didn't want
to talk to us or weren't home.

Friday we had our weekly planing.

Then Saturday was a lot better. There was a car show that happened
close to where we live and it was super cool cause we got to talk to a
lot of people. We hopefully we will be able to meet with these people

Sunday was even better cause we had our musical fireside which was
awesome. There were so many people that came and the spirit was so
strong!! Every member that came brought a friend with them and it was

Hope you have a wonderful week!!

We saw this while on our bike ride in the morning. Super cool!!

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission
10502 Satellite Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32837

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #22 -- Shooting For The Sky

Hello everybody!!

Had a wonderful week with so many prayers that were answered. Sorry
for emailing so late we went to see the manatees which was super cool.

To start off the week we had Zone Conference. It was awesome to see
all of the other Elders and to here where they are and how they are
doing. So amazing things I was able to add to become a better
teacher. One thing I like the most is the power of goals. Goals help
us to accomplish something. Its cool to see the power that setting
goals has.

One super cool thing is that we got 5 new people to teach!! They super
cool people. We have appointments with them this week. So can't wait
to tell you how they go.

One of the guys we found is really cool and super smart
and asked a lot of really good questions. His friend is also
interested as well and asked really good questions as well. The other
people we don't know to much about them but were able to get a chance
to come to there house. Awesome week and hope you all have a great
week as well.

I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer. That his church
was restored through a prophet Joseph Smith. That he was a man of God
and the way we can know that by reading the Book of Mormon. Love you
all and have a great week.

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission
10502 Satellite Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32837

Elder Pearson was excited about being able to have a District P-Day.
It was great to be able to spend time together and see the manatees.