Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week #53 continued -- The Hurricane Experience

Hello Everybody!

Sorry for the late email. We went out to the space center and it was awesome.

I'm still alive!!! If you haven't heard but I'm sure you all have been informed that last Friday hurricane Mathew hit Florida. Everything up to Friday and after it has been pretty intense. Please keep all the families that have been effect by Mathew in your prayers especially people in Haiti, Jamaica, and the other countries in that area.

We found out about Mathew Saturday afternoon. The projections then were saying that it wouldn't hit us. We didn't worry about it to much cause it was at a cat 3. Even if it changed and would it us it would have weakened by the time it got to us. Tuesday comes and things change. We start hearing that it will hit us but by the time it does it will get stronger. Wednesday comes and we plan to do our regular work. Out at 10 and as we are seeing people we then get the word that we need to prepare for Mathew cause it was going to hit us. We finished seeing the couple people that morning then went home and started prepping.

We went over to members houses to help them get ready for the Mathew. Wednesday night we went and stayed at the other elders apartment in Titusville.  We had to be in by noon Thursday so that morning we went to help a couple other members get ready. At this point I still couldn't grasp that this was actually happening. We then get back from service and are eating lunch and then we get a call from the mission office. They then tell us we need to head to Orlando. The projections were then saying that the eye of Mathew would come right over our area. We then grabbed our stuff and booked out of there. Of course everyone else is leaving cause of Mathew so it took for ever to get to Orlando but got there safely.

On Wednesday when we got to the Titusville apartment I got a call from Brother Nelson in the Longwood ward in the Lake Marry stake. He then asked me if I was safe cause my mom was freaking out about me. That's ok though cause that's what moms do. Plus I'm now hoping to get to that ward to meet Brother Nelson. We then waited the storm out in Orlando. We only got the edge part of the storm but was still pretty intense. Had a hard time sleeping so didn't get much sleep Thursday into Friday morning.

We got back o our house Saturday afternoon and then our Bishop picked us up and went to work. Went to Merritt Island to help members there cause that's were the majority of the storm hit. The northern part Florida of us got hit worse than us. Sunday we had sacrament meeting so just an hour. The people that's were going to help clean after that could come in work clothes. This will probably be the first and last time I would wear normal clothes to church. It felt very weird since been a missionary and always in white shirts and ties and now everyone sees us in regular clothes.

Worked really hard and were able to help a lot of people. Not sure what is still left to be done but was awesome to help those in need. We also did get to wear the helping hands shirts so that will be a cool souvenir. Don't worry I have plenty of pics that I will send from this past week.

Thank you for the many prayers and hope you have a great week.    

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission
10502 Satellite Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32837

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