Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week #37 - Transferred to Cocoa West!!

Hello Everyone!

Crazy things have been happening here. Last Wednesday, while we were on out way to district meeting we received a call from President Berry. He then told us that there was a lot of Elders leaving the mission than Elders coming to Florida. He then told us that they are taking us out and we are being transferred!!! What!! No way!! We got our news a lot earlier than Saturday, but we would find out till Saturday where we are going and who is our new companion. Drum Roll!! I'm going to Cocoa West!!! I'm back at the Beach!!! Wahoo!! The cool part is my new companion is Elder Armijo! He is from Arizona as well. His uncle was my baseball coach! I'm super excited.

A lot of what Elder Meyers and I have been doing is cleaning the apartment and seeing our investigators and less active members notifying them that we are leaving. It was a pretty low week of finding new people to teach. We still did work hard and did all that we can to find those that are ready for the Gospel. Their was a lot of times where literally no one would talk to us, but we didn't let that stop us. We did find a person that had requested a Book of Mormon a while back, but never got it. It was super awesome and really made my day. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was really interested in learning more. This past six weeks, has been full of a lot of those experiences. We would find people to teach that we'd see in our area; it's super cool how God would guide us to these people and be able to share the gospel with them.

I am deeply going to miss the people that I have been able to work with and also the members in this ward. Sadly, the baptism we had set is being pushed back because she because of some family issues have come up, but we did set a date with her for July 16th. We also have been having her daughters listen when we would come by and it's been a little difficult cause she has a 3 year old so it's been tough to have her listen. Some things we have done is have her help us teach the lesson, but that only works for like 3 minutes. Being from a big family and the oldest has helped me prepare for these lessons.

This past week in my personal study I have been reading in the Book of Mormon about the story of Ammon. This is one of my favorite stories cause Ammon is a missionary and he's going to teach a group of the people called the Lamanites. They are doing bad things and he was a little nervous about teaching them but was able to be strengthen by the lord and went to work. Once they saw him the bound in and took him to the king.  King Lamoni asks him what is he doing here and Ammon tells him that he wants to live with them. The king was very puzzled by this and Ammon told him that he wants to be his servant. The king tells him to tend his sheep. As he was doing this, some men began to scatter the sheep. Ammon being a servant to the lord and knew that his job was to protect the sheep so he did by cutting off the arms of these men. A lot of the men that were with Ammon were very amazed by his strength. They then went and told the king of what happened. The king asks where
is Ammon. He was attending his chariots like he told him to do after looking after his sheep. The king was very surprised by this so he had them bring Ammon to him. This is then Ammon's opportunity to then teach King Lamoni. By the end they are talking King Lamoni believes his words and falls on his knees asking for forgiveness.

This story I have been able to liken it to me as being a missionary. At first Ammon was nervous which I can say talking to random people and knowing nothing about the person. He then was able to teach and help a group of people come unto Christ. Later on in the scriptures it talks about how this people became a very righteous people. If Ammon had not gone to teach King Lamoni then they wouldn't have been the righteous people that they would become. It shows that this work can effect generations. I am here to change lives and help people see the light of Christ. I know that this is the lords work and he his guiding his people and his missionaries to find those that are seeking him.

Love you all!! Have a great week!!

Pics will be coming!!

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission

This is our Zone.

This is our District.

Left:  Elder Meyers and I with Perrin.  Right:  Elder Meyers and I were able to get 
some "Flips" which is just a frozen cup with fruit in it. They are so good. 
The next group of pics below are me with the member here in Apopka. 

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