Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #28 - Wow what's that smell?

Hello Everyone!!

So many things happened this past week. It's been so awesome to see miracles happening with the people that we are teaching. One of the miracles that happened it that we were able to put a family on a baptismal date for May 7th!!!! That happened on Monday and it was so awesome cause we had a member at that lesson and he is a return missionary!! The only thing that they are really struggling with is that they still feel like they don't know everything but they do and just need to put more trust in the lord. That's what we will talk to them about tonight.

Tuesday I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Jensen. It's was a great time to be in his area and help with some of there investigators and there progression towards baptism. There was a bunch of time that we did go door knocking which is difficult but that's part of missionary work. Then Wednesday had district meeting which was great as usual and then had service at Second Harvest Food Bank which is a lot of fun. It's fun cause we get to see other missionaries from the other zone and we get meet people that aren't members of the church. Got to meet with our investigator friend later in the day. He's doing really good and progressing really well. He hasn't come to church yet cause he's been busy but hopefully he will come this coming Sunday.

Thursday thru Saturday were good. Did a lot of finding which is a combination of knocking on door to door, stopping by potential investigators or former investigators, and also stopping by less actives. Didn't have a lot of set appointments but oh well.

Sunday was pretty interesting. So I guess the church building has a lot of bad pipes throughout the building and so there was a lot of water that is used during the week in the building so it sits in the pipes and then this wonderful smell starts to form which is sulfur. So just recently the Bishop in the Apopka ward had called someone to take a look at it and they told him to just turn the water on and let the water run for 30 mins or so and then the smell should go away. He did this Sunday morning before church and had it running for about an hour. After ward council we went out in the hallway and the entire church building smelt like it. It was really bad. We ended up opening all the doors and windows is the church. Also with the help of some Febreeze  helped get ride of the smell. Anyway hope y'all have a wonderful week and love you all!!

Elder Pearson
Florida Orlando Mission
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