Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week #27 -- Summer time

Hey Everyone,

So many great things are happening here in Apopka! Besides the weather. Its starting to warm up and can feel the humidity. Anyway, there where so many great things happening here.

First off on Monday night we met with a family that is about to hit there one year mark of being members! They are a super awesome family. The mom is the most happiest person you could ever meet. I don't think I have seen her yet without a smile on her face. They are just amazing.  We had a really good lesson about prayer and how it is important to always communicate with God. It was awesome cause another member from the ward came to the lesson, Brother Fisher. He gave a really great point on how there are many ways God answers us and that sometimes God has us figure it out. Just an awesome lesson.

On Tuesday, we got to see an investigator that has become our good friend. Hes a super cool guy. Very respectful guy and very kind. One thing that is just amazing is that he is just diving in the Book of Mormon. He is also remembering the stories too. I mentioned last week that we were going to put him on a baptismal date last week but we didn't cause every time we went by he was gone. We are meeting with him tonight and hoping to put him on date. After we met with him we were unlocking our bikes when a lady passed us and we gave her a card with Jesus Christ on it and told her to check out the website on the back. She then waited us to come back a teach them more! We are also seeing her tonight too.

Wednesday we got to go do some service for a food bank which was really fun. There was a lot of the other missionaries form the other zone that was there and was a lot of fun. After that we got to see sister from Puerto Rico! She is super sweet and is just amazing. Her health hasn't been too good and she was wanting a blessing so we came back later with her home teacher Brother Sandoval to give her the blessing.

Thursday we had ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) which was really good. Got to see an current investigator again and followed up on his scripture reading and he hasn't been reading cause he has been studying for school and has work a lot. We promised him that even if he reads a verse from the scriptures that he will be blessed and that his studies will be more easy.

Friday we had a handful of people to see later in the day and we got to have one of the young men from the ward come with us to a couple lessons. It was crazy how strong the spirit was there as he shared his testimony to those we met with. Saturday we did some service for a family in the ward which was fun. The rest of the day went a did some finding. Sunday was great. Had a wonderful fast and testimony meeting. We also had a gator at church too!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I will be sending some pics. Love you all!!

Elder Pearson

My zone.

Elder Issacson and I around town; here are some pics...

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