Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week #3 - Free agency

Hey everyone,

I know I have said it a lot in the past three weeks but this is the best decision I have made in my life. I have been able to see with some investigators making the next steps in coming unto Christ. Not baptism yet but getting close.

One experience I would like to share with you that happened yesterday. We got to meet a part member family. The wife is a member, the husband isn't but has had the lessons multiple times. We talked with him and tried to see where he was at and what we could teach him that would help grow his faith in Christ. I can't remember where we were in the conversation but I told him that Heavenly Father gives us certain guidelines to live by to help us grow cause he knows what's best for us. I gave the analogy of a parent giving guidelines for there child to live by, cause the parent knows better because they have had experiences. I thought I gave it clearly and could feel the spirit as I talked. Once I was done I asked him if that made sense. He said quote "that's a horrible analogy". I wasn't expecting that answer. He said he understood what I was meaning but said he would rather hold his child's hand and help them. He then asked why wouldn't God hold my hand and help me with things throughout me life. I answered that he does sometimes but only to help us back on our feet when we have fallen down. If he did it all the time it would defeat the purpose of having free agency.

This was the first time that I really have felt like something I said didn't make sense to the person I was speaking to. I have been pretty good at speaking clearly and it kinda worried me. Some thoughts came to my head of; what if this happened to others I meet? What if they stop taking lessons from us because of me? I then realized where those thoughts were coming from. As long as I study fervently and pray for guidance and is obedient, the Lord will bless those I teach and help me to know what to say.  It was a humbling experience.

I hope you all are doing well. Have a wonderful week. Be good and don't do bad things.

Elder Pearson

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