Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Called to serve the Florida Orlando Mission

Saturday, October 3, 2015

2 Days Until Orlando and Amazing Experiences!!

Hey everyone!

2 more days till I head to Florida and I'm so excited!!!  This past week has been an amazing experience. 

One experience I would like to share with you is about last night with our teacher Brother Christen.  As we were doing our Book of Mormon reading, a question from one of our investigators popped in my head.  How can I gain faith when I have no faith? I really didn't know how to answer it so we talked about it.  He then showed us a scripture Ether 12:18 that says that having a desire is having faith. It really helped me to know that I can ask an investigator if baptism is something that they want to do and if they say yes, I can explain to them that having a desire is acting in faith.

Another awesome moment was with our TRC investigator. We taught her about to write her experiences to see the Lords hand in her life cause she was struggling to know if God answers prayers.  She is following everything; the commandments, going to church, everything. She and her roommates (which are lds) were singing songs from the children's songbook and secretly she really wanted one for herself. Thursday is when we taught her again. I got her a journal book to write her thoughts in and one of the children's song books. When we gave it to her she told us about her experience with her friends. In her own words "there is only one way you could have known that I wanted one of these books."  AMAZING!!!!!  I also gave her my email so I could see how she does when we are gone. Just awesome. I have a better understanding of the Lords work and how He works through our missionaries. 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Be good and don't do bad things!

Love Elder Pearson

These missionaries are headed to Florida.

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